Cristina Tridente

Cristina Tridente is one of a small group of leading South Australian couture designers, whose specialty lies in the art of couture with exotic silks, hand beading, sequins and applique as defining features of a couture+love+madness creation. Cristina’s strong eye for detail enables her to customise each design for the couture+love+madness woman, ensuring a unique and personalised piece for every client.
Passionate about international travel and culture, Cristina sources inspiration from travelling the world to seek and hand select distinctive fabrics for her exclusive collections. Cristina was the first Australian designer to be invited to showcase at the Qingdao International Fashion Festival in 2015. Alongside this, couture+love+madness was a part of the Premier’s South Australia-Shandong Mission in April 2015, The Hon Minister Hamilton Smith’s South Australia-India Mission and The Premier’s South Australia-South East Asia Mission both in August 2015; all parades coordinated by Cristina. Cristina was excited to return in May 2016 to the Qingdao International Fashion Festival to showcase her latest collection ‘Lady Camellia’.